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Q: I've got my new modem, thanks, how do I connect it?

A: Check out the instructions for your modem type on our downloads page

Q: I already have a suitable modem, how do I configure it?

A: When your new connection is ready to go, you will receive an email from us telling you your user id and password.  For ADSL you need to set up the modem to connect using PPPoA.  For VDSL and Fibre you need to use PPPoE and VLAN ID of 10.  If you are still struggling then give us a call and we will try to help though with the vast range of modems out there we can't guarantee to be able to give you definite step by step instructions.

Q: My internet is not working, what do I do?

A: the first thing to check is that the modem/router is turned on and plugged in to the phone line (through a filter if you are on ADSL) or fibre ONT.  If everything is on and plugged in then try restarting your modem.  DO NOT RESET THE MODEM unless instructed to do so by one of our technicians.  Performing a reset will cause the modem/router to lose all its settings, including those allowing the modem to connect to the internet.  If that doesn't work then please call us on 0800 562332 during office hours.

Q: Can I get IPv6?

A: It depends which plan you are on and your location.  Currently our fibre plans only support IPv6 in the Christchurch area (includes Lincoln, Rolleston, Kaiapoi and Rangiora) and up to 100Mbs download.  Our ADSL and VDSL plans also support IPv6.  Fibre plans in other areas are not currently IPv6 enabled.

Q: What about a static IP address?

A: Static IP addresses are $10 per month.

Q: I've accidentally gone over my data cap, will you charge me an arm and a leg?

A: If you are a little over your cap and don't make a habit of it then we will not charge you but if the overage is significant then we charge 80 cents per GB.

Q: What is the notice period for changes / cancellations?

A: We require 1 month's notice as our upstream suppliers insist on a 1 month notice period.

Q: I have a question that isn't covered here, what do i do?

A: use our contacts page to leave a message for us, please remember to give your account number / name or alternatively if it is during normal office hours you can call us on 0800 562332.  We are sorry the 0800 number is only manned during office hours at the moment.

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